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Decolonize Your Body: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, London, Birmingham, Oakland, NY

Decolonize Your Body is a poetry and art showcase centering the stories of Black women, women of color, non-binary and femme identifying folks.

The vision of Decolonize Your Body originally came from two Sikh organizers, Jasmin Kaur and Gagan Kaur who were yearning for a space in which Black women, women of color, as well as non-binary and femme identifying folks could be in their joy, share space, and speak about their truths. In 2018, Jasmin Kaur and I went on tour with our poetry in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, London, and Birmingham. We decided as we were on tour, that we would bring Decolonize Your Body to these very cities and connect with local artists to create spaces for art. In 2019, Jasmin Kaur, Gagan Kaur, and I teamed up to curate two shows once again: one in Oakland and one in New York. Through outreach work, centering local artists within the communities of Oakland + the greater Bay Area, and New York, we were able to bring the community together and have a conversation on what it looks like for us to decolonize our bodies. In a night of art, poetry, and music, we were able to learn about one another, give local artists space to share about themselves, and, most of all, make space for folks to build with one another.

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